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Nom danseNiveauChorégrapheMusique
 747 (Chicago Shuffle) IA John H. Robinson Dip River Blues
 C.C.S. D Tracey Davis & Joerg Hammer If I Never Stop Loving You
 C.O.U.N.T.R.Y I Sylvie Roy C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.
 C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. for two DI Louise Bédard & Gerry Bouthillier C.O.U.N.T.R.Y
 CAB DRIVER D Inconnu Except On Monday
 CACTUS CHA CHA D Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Margaritaville
 CACTUS FLOWER D Sandra Jones All you ever do is bring me down
 CADILLAC BABY DI Patricia E. Stott & Robbie McGowan Hickie Cadillac Baby
 CADILLAC COWBOY I Édith Bourgault, Guy Dubé, Stéphane Cormier Cadillac Cowboy
 CADILLAC SLIDE D Cathy Montgomery Cowboy Cadillac
 CADILLAC TEARS DI Marg Jones Cadillac Tears
 CADILLAC TEARS P. I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Cadillac Tears
 CAJUN CELTIC D Guylaine Bourdages Cajun Celtic
 CAJUN HOLIDAY I Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson Can`t Love` Em All
 CAJUN HUSTLE I Diane Jackson Guys Like Me
 CAJUN MAMBO WALK I Max Perry Rodeo Queen
 CAJUN MÉLODY D Linda Sansoucy Louisiana Melody
 CAJUN MOON DI Stephen Holmes Cajun Moon
 CAJUN SLAP I Inconnu Your Tattoo
 CAL CITY STRUT DI Rick & Deborah Bates Cal City Don`t Swing Anymore
 Camo Hats & Boots  DI Matt Thomson Welcome To The Weekend
 CAN ONLY GO UP IA Trent Duncan Can Only Go Up
 CAN'T STOP MY HEART D Ingemar Kardeskog Can't Stop My Heart
 CANADIAN STOMP D Inconnu Any Man of Mine
 CANADIAN STROLL D Bill Bader Make Love To Me
 CANDY WINE DI Toni Holmes & Steve Jeffries Sweet Summer Lovin
 CANNIBALS I Benthe Jorgensen Cannibals
 CANNONBALL DI Sven Cesaro CH Wabash Cannonball
 CAN`T HELP BELIEVIN` I Mabel Thompson Haley`s Medley
 CAN`T HURRY LOVE DI Danny Leclerc You Can`t Hurry Love
 CAN`T LET GO I Tony Wilson Can't Let Go
 CAN`T SOPT IT D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Can`t Stop My Heart
 CAN`T STOP LOVING YOU I Andy Skidmore Shout It To The World
 CAN`T WIN D Rick & Deborah Bates I Bought The Shoes
 CARA MIA I Phil Dennington Cara Mia
 CARIBBEAN CADENCE I Karen Paakkari Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
 CARIBBEAN CALYPSO DI Patricia E. Stott Love Me, Love Me
 CARIBBEAN COWBOY DI Ed Henry Third Race Romance
 CARLENE CARTER D Jano Arseneau Every Little Thing
 CARRY ON DI Suzie Dufault & Marc Lafrenière How You Carry On
 CASTAWAY DI Vivienne Scott Thrown Out Of Love
 CAT STRUT D Inconnu Stray Cat Strut
 CATAHOULA D Gilles Labrecque Catahoula
 CATCH A HIP CAT I Michelle Perron  I`m Your Man
 CATFISH D Jim Long Reggae Cowboy
 CATHERINA`S WALTZ D Jeannette Martin & Stéphane Cormier Here`s A Quarter
 CATHY`S CRUISE DI Rodeo Ruth Lambden How Do I Live (Mr Big Mix)
 CAUGHT IN THE ACT I Ann Wood Who`s Been Sleeping In My Bed
 CB WALTZ I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault My Own Kind of Hat
 CELEBRITY DI Sylvie Roy Celebrity
 CELEBRITY .L DI Sylvie Roy celebrity
 CELEBRITY.. I Tracy Brown Celebrity
 CELTIC CONNECTION I H. O`Malley, L. Clarke, M. Gallagher, P. Metelnick Cotton-Eyed Joe
 CELTIC KITTENS I Maggie Gallagher Celtic Kittens
 CELTIC REEL DI Maggie Gallagher Celtic Reel
 CELTIC TRIBUTE I Maggie Gallagher Strings Of Fire
 CENTRAL STEP DI Diane St-Laurent Jeter un sort
 CENTRIFUGAL MOTION I Elaine Morgan This Kiss
 CHA CHA BLUES I Diane Jackson Missing Her Blues
 CHA CHA MALA MUJER A Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren "Daz" Bailey Shaging On A Boulevard
 CHA CHA ONE D Sho Botham Some Kind Of Trouble
 CHA CHA TONIGHT DI Scott Blevins Represent
 CHA CHA WAGON D Inconnu Little Bit
 CHAIN REACTION IA Craig Cooke Chain Reaction
 CHAINS OF GOLD I Michelle Chandonnet Chains Of Gold
 CHAINS OF MY HEART D Robert Morin & Lynda Saint-Onge Take These Chains Of My Heart
 CHAMAICA MAMBO I Diane Jackson How`d I Wind Up In Jamaica
 CHANGES TOO D Doris Nippard Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
 CHARLESTON BOMP D Bill "Peanut" Rice Sold
 CHARLESTON BOOGIE FOR TWO DI Cherie Belle Harclerode Big Ol` Truck
 CHARLIE'S TOUCH-DOWN D Ms. Charlie Milne Rough around the edges
 Chasing Down A Good Time  I Dan Albro Chasing Down A Good Time
 CHASSE & SHUFFLE D Rob Francis More & More & More
 CHATTAHOOCHEE D Inconnu Chattahoochee
 Cheap Talk D Gaye Teather Talk Is Cheap
 CHEATIN `ON MY HONKYTONK I Vikki Morris & Karl Cregeen Cheatin` On My Honkytonk
 CHEATIN`HEART I Steve Giles If I Had A Cheatin`Heart
 CHECK YES OR NO DI Tracy Brown Check Yes Or No
 CHECK YOU FOR TICKS I Bastiaan van Leewen Ticks
 CHEECH & CHONG CHA CHA DI Johnny Two-P & Alan Clarke Shame About That
 CHEEKY CHA CHA DI Val Reeves If I Said You Got A Beautiful Body
 CHEERS IA Party for 2 Drift away
 CHEROKEE BOOGIE I Chris Kumre Cherokee Boogie
 CHEROKEE WALK I Bill Rice Gotta Get A Little Crazy
 CHERRY FOR TWO DI Danny Leclerc & Irène Cousin Four Strong Winds
 CHEYENNE D Inconnu Clown In Your Rodeo
 Cheyenne Woman DI Arne Stakkestad  Be My Cheyenne Woman
 CHICAGO SHUFFLE IA John H. Robinson Dip River Blues
 CHICKS DIG IT I Mario Champagne Chicks Dig It
 CHILL FACTOR I Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead Last Night
 CHIQUITA I Marie Miller New kid in town
 CHISELED IN STONE I Lindy Lou Bowers It`s Only Cause You`re Lonely
 CHOMPING AT THE BIT I Larry Bass Let Me Into Your Heart
 CHUG-A-LUG, CHUG-A-LUG DI K.C. Douglas Chug-A-Lug
 CIMMARON BOOGIE I Anthony Ivancich Dump The Dude
 CINCINNATI D Inconnu Under The Boardwalk
 CINCO DE MAYO I Alan Livett & Jo Thompson If I Never Stop Lovin` You
 CITY LIGHTS SWING I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller City Lights
 CLASSICAL GIRL I Lucy Siro My Classic
 CLAUDETTE I Larry & Jody Carriger Claudette
 CLOSE UP THE HONKYTONKS DI DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Close Up The Honkytonks
 CLOSER I Mary Kelly Little Unlucky At Love
 CLOSER. DI Claude Leblanc Closer
 COASTIN I Ray & Tina Yeoman Lord Of The Dance
 COBRA IA Rob Fowler Honky Tonk Mona Lisa
 COCONUT ET CALYPSO DI Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Coconut et Calypso
 COFFEE BLUES I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Smokin Cigarettes & Drinkin Coffee Blues
 COLD COLD HEART DI Brian & Linda Cold Cold Heart
 COLD MARGARITA DI Bobby Houle Some Beach
 COME DANCE WITH ME D Jo Thompson Come Dance With Me
 COME HERE YOU D Ainsi-Danse Come Here You
 COME N CRY I Nigel & Barbara Payne Cry To Me
 COME ON DI Ulf Jacobsson Cortina, Swe  Come On
 COME ON AND DANCE DI Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Wait A Minute
 Come On Down DI Gudrun Schneider  Come On Down
 COME OVER THERE DI Denis Fecteau Don`t Make Me Come Over There And Love You
 Come over there (L) D Suzie Hébert Don’t make come over there and love you
 COME OVER THERE P. IA Suzie Dufault & Marc Lafrenière Don`t Make Me Come Over There and love you
 COMING ON STONG DI Pierre Mercier Old Winkness Coming On Strong
 COMIN` TO YOUR CITY DI Gena Howard Comin` To Your City
 COMPASS I Barbara R. K. Wallace  Compass
 COMPLETELY I Guylaine Fontaine Completely
 COMPLETELY WRAPPED UP I Lorraine Bolduc Wrapped Up In You
 CONRADO CHA CHA DI Lucie & Raynald Un Momento Alla
 CONTROL DI Micheline Tremblay Jeter Un Sort
 CONVOY IA Danny Leclerc Convoy
 COOL TO BE FOOL D Tracie Lee Cool To Be A Fool
 CoolCat Swing  I Rob Fowler & Lianne Fowler A Cool Cat in Town
 COPENHAGEN DI Coral Tucker Boots On
 CORINE CORINA I Alan Gaskell Corine, Corina
 CORK CITY CRAWL D Michael O`Shea Horse To Mexico
 COSTA BRAVA REDNECK I Ramon Busqué It`s Alright To Be A Redneck
 COSY TWO STEP I Linette & Manon Lévesque Another Good Reason
 COTTON AND EYES JOE I Inconnu cotton and eyes joe
 COTTON PICKIN DI Gordon Elliot Cotton Pickin` Time
 COUNT ME IN ! DI Peter Metelnick 5,6,7,8
 COUNTRIFIED SOUL I Dixie Fafard Countries Soul
 COUNTRIFIELD DI Georgine Noël Fecteau Heart Is Right
 COUNTRIFIELD SOUL I Sylvie Roy Countryfield soul
 COUNTRY AS A BOY CAN BE DI Carina Slijters Country As A Boy Can Be
 COUNTRY BOY 98 I Jamie Barnfield, Steve Yoxall & Anne Harris Country As A Boy Can Be
 COUNTRY BOY P. I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Country As A Boy Can Be
 COUNTRY BOYS DI Denys, Marie-France, Sylviane, Gisèle Country Boys
 COUNTRY BOYS ROLL D Harlan Curtis That s How Country Boys Roll
 COUNTRY BOYS ROLL (Stéphane) D Stéphane Cormier That’s how country boys roll
 COUNTRY BOY`S PARADISE (L) D Sylvie Roy Country Boy`s paradise
 COUNTRY BOY`S PARADISE (P) D Sylvie Roy Country Boy`s paradise
 COUNTRY CHOICE`S IA Diane Jackson Two Good Reasons
 COUNTRY DANCER DI Lucie Siro et Christyan Roussel Country Dancer
 COUNTRY DRIV'N I Mark Cook Put Some Drive In Your Country
 COUNTRY FAN I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller That`s Just Me
 COUNTRY GIRL SHUFFLE I Diane Jackson Just Playin ` Possum
 COUNTRY GOLD I Buffalo Billy Born For Country
 COUNTRY MAGIC I Gloria Johnson I`m From The Country
 COUNTRY MAN DI Stéfan-Ozz Country Man
 COUNTRY MAN BOOGIE I Alain Innocenti Boogie Woogie Country Man
 COUNTRY NIGHT IN NORWAY DI Kelli Haugen Tonight`s The Night
 COUNTRY ROCKIN DI Linda Sansoucy How` Bout You
 COUNTRY STRUT D Inconnu Guitars, Cadillacs
 COUNTRY TIME I Carmen & Jacques Boissé Eight Feet Hight
 COUNTRY TWANG TANG DI Master In Line Honky Tonk Lover
 COUNTRY TWO STEP D Masters In Line I Just Want My Baby Back
 COUNTRY VALSE S.R I Sylvie Roy my own kind of hat
 COUNTRY WALKIN D Teree DeSarro Don`t be stupid
 COUNTRYFIELD SOUL (p) I Dixie Fafard Countries Soul
 COUPE DE VILLE I Rick & Deborah Bates Fresh Coat Of Paint
 COWBOY BOOGIE D Kelly Burklhardt Elvira
 COWBOY CADILLAC DI Veda Holder & Trish Boesel Cowboy Cadillac
 COWBOY CADILLAC P. I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Cowboy Cadillac
 COWBOY CHA-CHA D Kelly Gelette & Michelle Stremche More Than A Margarita
 COWBOY CUMBIA DI Dynamite Dot Cowboy Cumbia
 COWBOY GIRL DI Lucy Siro & Christyan Roussel My girl is a cowboy
 COWBOY MIX I Robbie McGowan Hickie ( 2007 ) Cowboy Mix
 COWBOY MOTION D Inconnu A Jukebox With A Country Song
 COWBOY RHYTHM DI Jo Thompson Wasting Time With You
 COWBOY ROCK `N ROLL I Linda Sansoucy Need Your Lovin Tonight
 COWBOY ROUND UP DI Linda de Ford Fallin`angel
 COWBOY STOMP DI Barry Amato The Cowboy Stomp
 COWBOY STOMP. I Janet Wilson The Cowboy Stomp
 COWBOY STRUT D Inconnu Jukebox Junkie
 COWBOY TRIPLE-2 D Danny Leclerc The Beaches of Cheyenne
 Cowboys to mamas DI Sylvie Roy Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
 COWGIRL DOWN DI Kathy Brown She Likes To Get Out Of Town
 COWGIRL HUSTLE D Inconnu Honky Tonk Attitude
 COWGIRL `S DO I Manon & Gaston Lévesque In Between Dances
 COWGIRL'S TWIST D Bill Bader What The Cowgirls Do
 COWPATTIE DI Georgeanne Valis Nothin` A Little Love Won`t Cure
 CRABBUCKIT I Gérard Murphy Crabbuckit
 CRACKER JACK D Linda & Adrien I say you say
 Crank It Up  I Daniel Whittaker Crank it Up
 CRAWFISH AND PIE DI K.C. Douglas Rhubarb Pie
 CRAZY 2006 I Micheline Tremblay Crazy Dreams
 CRAZY CHA I Robbie McGowan Hickie Smilin` Song
 CRAZY CHICK I Tina Argyle Crazy Chick
 CRAZY DREAM I Amanda Harvey-Tench Crazy Dreams
 CRAZY FOR YOU TWO D Inconnu It most be love
 CRAZY LITTLE THING ! I Chris Hodgson (UK) Crazy Little Thing Called Love
 CRAZY NITES DI Bev Carpenter Mama Ain`t Home Tonight
 CRAZY POSTMAN D Glynn Holt Please Mr. Postman
 CRIPLLE CREEK SHUFFLE I Larry & Terri Boezeman Cripple Creek
 CRIPPLE CREEK DI Kip Sweeney Cripple Creek
 CROWBAR I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault 18 Wheels And A Crowbar
 CRUISE CONTROL I Neil Hale All Over But The Shooting
 CRUISIN' D Neil Hale Livin on love
 Cryin Eyes DI Gilles Labrecque, Canada Cryin Eye
 CRYING ANYMORE I Lucy Siro & Christyan Roussel She`s Not Crying Anymore
 CRYING BABY D Daniel Servant Come on back
 CRYSTAL BLUE CHA CHA DI Shirley Batson Dancin` Shaggin` On The Boulevard
 CUBAN WALK D Hank & Mary Dahl I Just Want To Dance With You
 CUCARACHA D Hank & Mary Dahl Right Now
 CUDDLES D Jack & Mary Jane Hassett Back in Your Arms Again
 CURLEY TOP POLKA DI Paula Frohn & Michael Silva Coalmine
 CUT A RUG D Jo & Rita Thompson Roll Back The Rug
 CUTE CUTE CUTE I Kathy Gurdjian Brand New Girlfriend
 CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I Kathy Gurdjian Brand New Girlfriend
 CYPRESS SHUFFLE DI Julia Ann Kennedy Dancing on a saturday night
 C`EST LA VIE I Chantal Gagnon C`est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)
 C`EST LA VIE. D Danny Leclerc C`est La Vie
 C`EST LA VIE.. I Rick & Deborah Bates Rockin`Robin
 C`EST UNE HISTOIRE P. DI Linda Blanchard & Adrien Plourde C`est Mon Histoire
 ROCK`N ROLL COWBOY D Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Rock`n roll Cowboy
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