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Nom danseNiveauChorégrapheMusique
 D & G SHUFFLE DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Building Bridges
 D.H.S.S. D Gaye Teather A World Of Blues
 D.L.C. D Cathy Falconer Domestic, Light & Cold
 DADDY`$ MONEY D Stéfan-Ozz Daddy`s Money
 DANA`S WALTZ D A.T. Kinson It Is You
 DANCE ON DI Max Perry Dance On
 DANCE RANCH ROMP DI Jo Thompson Dance
 DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY I Mireille Taillon Dance The Night Away
 DANCE TO MY TEN GUITARS I Gilles Goulet & Lise L`Heureux Dance To My Ten Guitars
 DANCE WITH ME DI Linda Sansoucy I Just Want To Dance With You
 DANCING BACKWARDS DI Jan Smith Walking Backwards
 DANCING FOOL IA Neil & Penny Smith Dancing Fool
 DANCING IN THE DARK DI Jo Thompson Smoke Rings In The Dark
 DANCING MACHINE I Dan Morrison White Line Casanova
 DANNY LOVES TO SWING DI Nathalie Pelletier Danny Loves To Swing
 DARE THE LIGHTNING I Bobby Houle Dare The Lightning
 DARE YOU DO THAT AGAIN I Marcel Massé Dare You Do That Again
 DARLENE D Inconnu Darlene
 DARLIN D Linda Sansoucy Darlin
 DARLIN' MAMBO I Mireille Taillon Who Did You Call Darlin'
 DAY DREAMIN` I Karen Hunn Dreaming With My Eyes Open
 DAY JOB DI Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault,  Day Job
 DAYLIGHT I Sylvie Roy Praying for daylight
 DAYS GO BY I John 'Grrowler' Rowell Days Go By
 DEARLY BELOVED IA Michelle Chandonnet Dearly Beloved
 DEFINITE POSSIBILITIES DI Bobby Houle Definite Possibilities (Remix)
 DEGREES I Micheline Tremblay 98.6°
 DEL RIO DARLING I Suzan Brooks I`ve Got My Baby On My Mind
 DERAILED I Peter Metelnick Then She Kissed Me
 DESIGNATED DRINKER I Joël Vallée Designated Drinker
 DESPERADO WRAP D Harry & Norie Raymos American Soldier
 DESPERATE HEARTS DI Norma Jean Fuller, S.Sandoe & M.Thompson Desperately
 DESPERATELY YOURS I Mike & Ann Repko Desperately
 DEVIL`S RIGHT HAND D Lucy Siro The Devil`s right hand
 DEVIL`S SHADOW DI Kate Sala The Devil & Me
 DEVOTION DI Dawn Rathbum Spoken Like A Man
 DIAMOND RING DI Richard Boutet Mockingbird
 DIAMOND STROLL I Diane Jackson If Teardrops Were Diamonds
 DIAMOND THANG I Patsy LaFave A Little Bit Of Life
 DIAMOND [T] DI Larry & Terri Boezeman You walked in
 Did It DI David Robert Did It For The Girl
 DIDN ’`T WE LOVE I Manon Majeau et Réal L’Archevêque Didn’t We Love
 DIESEL CAFÉ DI DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Diesel Café
 DIESEL DRIVING DADDY I  Guy Dubé & Édith Bourgault Diesel Driving Daddy
 DIFFERENT DRUM DI Marc Archambault & Michelle Chandonnet Different Drum
 DIMELLO (TELL ME) DI Chris Kumre Live, Laugh, Love
 DIRTY CHA CHA D Inconnu Neon Moon
 DIRTY TRICKS IA Dusty Boots Linedancers Think Like A Woman
 DISCO D Cindy Talbot You`re My Number One
 DIXIE LULLABY I Jo Thompson Dixie Lullaby
 DIXIE ROSE DI Hot Pepper Dixie Rose Deluxe`s Honky Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop
 DIXIE SHUFFLE DI Daniel Whittaker Dueling Banjos
 DIZZY I Jo Thompson Dizzy
 DLG D Sylvie Roy et Kathy Gagné Never loved before
 DM SETTIN` DI Christianne & Richard Maisonneuve Settlin`For What They Get
 DO A LITTLE DANCE I Rick & Deborah Bates She Loves Me, She Don`t Love You
 DO THE DANCE DI Lisa Capitanelli Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
 DO THE LINE DANCE D Bornita & Borne Come Do The Line Dance
 DO THE SALSA D Donna Marie Bilodeau Red Hot Salsa
 DO YOU WANNA BOOGIE IA Fernand Gauthier Do You Wanna Boogie
 DOCTOR DOCTOR I Masters In Line Bad Case Of Loving You
 DOING ALRIGHT I Dave & Lesley Mather I m Doing Alright
 DOING OUR THING DI Sandi Larkins That Thing We Do
 DOIN` JUST FINE I Larry & Jody Carriger Fantasy Island
 DOIN`T RIGHT I Michelle Chandonnet Doin` It Right
 DOLLY`S HITS D Violet Ray Dolly Parton`s Hits
 DOLORES CHARLESTON D Marc Labrosse Dolores
 DON T DRINK THE WATER I Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactory Don’t Drink The Water
 DONE, GONE, DUG IT IA Noel Bradey I Can Dig It
 DONEGAN `S REEL I Maggie Gallagher The Battle Of New Orleans
 DONEGANS REEL I Maggie Gallagher The Battle Of New Orleans
 DONKEY DONK DI Mario Champagne Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
 DONT`GIVE A RIP DI Michelle Chandonnet Don`t Give A Rip
 DON`T DI Pierre Baune & Sylvie Tanguay Don`t
 DON`T BLAME ME DI Angela Pinnington & Peter Kimber Blame it on Texas
 DON`T BREAK MY HEART I John & Freida Utzig Heartbreaker
 DON`T BREAK THIS HEART D Lucia Desjardins Don`t Break This Heart
 DON`T COME CRYING TO ME DI Johanne Chiasson Don`t Come Crying To Me
 DON`T COME EASY DI Michelle Chandonnet If I Don`t Come Easy
 DON`T COUNT ME OUT! DI Andrew Smedley You can`t Count Me Out Yet
 DON`T CROSS THE RIVER I Marc Labrosse Don`t Cross The River
 DON`T DO IT D Janice Patrice We really shouldn`t be doing this
 DON`T FALL IN LOVE D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Don`t Fall In Love With Me
 DON`T FORGET DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Don`t Forget To Remember
 DON`T GET BURNED DI Diana Dawson Burnin`All The Honky Tonks Down
 DON`T JUST WALK IT I Paula Frohn-Butterly Walkin On Me
 DON`T KNOW MAMBO DI Tracey McIntosh I Don`t Know
 DON`T RUIN IT ! I Teresa and Vera Don`t Ruin It For The Rest Of Us
 DON`T SEND THE INVITATION I Dixie Fafard Don`t Send The Invitation
 DON`T STOP I Gaston Denommé Don`t stop
 DON`T STOP THE DANCE DI Betty Robinson just what i do
 DON`T STOP THE MUSIC I Bobby Houle Please Don’t Stop The Music
 DON`T TOUCH I Liz & Bev Clark Don`t Touch My Willie
 DON`T YA THINK DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Don`t Ya Think
 DON`T YOU WISH D Daisy Simons Don`t You Wish It Was True
 DON’T LOOK AWAY IA Diane Jackson Don’t Look Away
 DOS TEQUILAS I Alain Maras & Linda Fortin One In A Row
 DOUBLE DELICIOUS D Wild Willy A World Of Blue
 DOUBLE DIZZY DI Larry & Terri Boezeman Dizzy
 DOUBLE S D Cherie Belle Harclerode Honey, Do
 DOUBLE XL IA Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs XXL
 DOUBLE ¨M ¨CHA I Diane Jackson Ashes By Now
 DOUBLE ¨T¨SHUFFLE I Diane Jackson Tougher Than The Rest
 DOWN IN DALLAS I Stephen Sunter You Lied To Me
 DOWN ON THE CORNER DI Peter Metelnick Down on the corner
 DOWN ON THE FARM D Stéfan-Ozz Down On The Farm
 DOWN TO EARTH D Dave & Pat Wressell Down to Earth Kind of Man
 DREAM I Marc Labrosse In My Dreams
 DREAM LOVER DI Linda Sansoucy Dream Lover
 DREAM WEAVER I Edward Lawton Dream Weaver
 DREAMING OUT LOUD DI Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Dreaming Out Loud
 DREAMS . DI Max Perry Dreams
 DREAMS OF DECEIT DI R. Sarlemijn, R. Verdonk, D. Bailey In My Dreams
 DRINKIN' BONE D Pepper Siquieros Drinkin' Bone
 DRINKING BONE DI Daniel Servant Drinking Bone
 DRINKING BONE BOOGIE D Ellen Kiernan Drinking Bone
 DRINKING DOWN D Anna Balaguer Where Am I Going
 DRINKIN`AROUND D Arto Liekola Whiskey Under The Bridge
 DRINKS FOR TWO DI Ed Lawton Two Bottles Of Beer
 DRIVE FASTER D Alain Martin, Mai 2003 It Starts With ‘’L’’
 DRIVE MY TRUCK I Marcel Massé She Wants Drive My Truck
 DRIVEN IA Rob Fowler Drive
 DROWSY MAGGIE DI Maggie Gallagher Cock Of The North
 DRUNK DI Marc Davidson Drunker Than Me
 DRUNKER THAN ME DI Kathy Brown Drunker Than Me
 DUCHESS D Cara Reeves Livin` on on love
 DUCK SOUP D Frank Trace Restless
 DUMAS SWING I Sylvie & François Deslauriers Dumas Walker
 DUNN THAT DI Jan Wyllie As Long As You Belong To Me
 DUSTER STROLL DI Vickie Powell You Just Get One
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