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Nom danseNiveauChorégrapheMusique
 E&J SWING D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Used Hearts For Sale
 EARL D Victoria McIntyre & Joan Pashaian Goodbye Earl
 Earthbound  I Gudrun Schneider & Martina Ecke  Earthbound
 EAST & WEST DI Max Perry Honky Tonk Mona Lisa
 EAST BOUND AND DOWN DI Kathy Hunyadi East Bound And Down
 EAST COAST SHAKIN` D Beth Carole Beach Keg In The Closet
 EAST TO WEST DI Larry Hayden Coast to Coast
 EASY COME EASY GO D Debbie (Moore) O'Hara Any Mine Of Mine
 EASY DANCE D Guillaume Caballero La Fayette
 EASY DOES IT D Nancy A Morgan One Of The Guys
 EASY GOING DI Diane Jackson Love Done Gone
 EASY JOINT D Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Hello
 EASY MONEY D Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Easy Money
 EASY ON THE EYES DI Nathalie Émond You`re Easy On The Eyes
 EASY ON THE EYES. DI Judith Campbell You’re Easy on the Eyes
 EASY STROLLIN` D Vicki E. Rader What A Crying Shame
 EASY TROUBLE DI Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault How Was I To Know?
 EATIN’ RIGHT AND DRINKIN’ BAD D Max Perry Eatin’ Right And Drinkin’ Bad
 EL DIABLO IA Scott A. Stout My Baby`s Lovin`
 El Paso D Inconnu Neon moon
 EL RIO AMOR  I Linda Sansoucy The River Of Love/El Rio Amor
 ELEVEN-01 D J. Brady, F. Arroyo, P. Frohn-Butterly, B. Mcleod, J. McDonald Volcano
 ELVIRA DI Inconnu Elvira
 ELVIS BLESSED MY SOUL I Mary & Trent Cummings Elvis Blessed My Soul
 ELVIS RHUMBA I Linda Morissette Elvis Rhumba
 ELVIS TONIGHT D Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Elvis Tonight
 EMBARQUE MA BELLE DI Sylvie Roy Embarque ma belle
 EMILY DI Countrybell Manuela Bello Emily
 EMMERDANCE I Elisa "Lasso" Portelli Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll
 EMOTIONAL GIRL IA Marcel Massé Emotional Girl
 EMPTY DREAMS I Robbie McGowan Hickie Land Of Empty Dreams
 ENCHANTMENT I Jo Thompson Land Of Enchantment
 ENGLISH BAY SHUFFLE D Jenifer Wolf If it will it will
 Enjoy This Night  I Séverine Fillion That`s My Kind of Night
 ESCAPE FOR TWO DI Pierre Mercier Don`t Tell Me You`re Not in Love
 ESTOY TAN SOLO DI Daniel Bernard & France Beaudry Estoy Tan Solo
 EVERY COTTON PICKIN` MORNING DI Steve Mason Cotton Pickin` Time
 EVERY SECOND DI Jan Wyllie Every Second Every Minute
 Every stars DI Doreen Ollari & Randy Pelletier  Even the Stars Fall 4 U
 EVERYBODY KNOWS DI Elaine Arrell, Lisa Strong, Denise Westle I`m From The Country
 EVERYBODY KNOWS DIXIE DI Rep Ghazali Everybody Knows
 EVERYBODY SOMEONE I Maggie Gallagher Everybody`s Someone
 EVERYBODY`S SOMEBODY`S FOOL DI Liette & Gilles Chevrette Everybody`s, Somebody`s Fool
 EVIL GIRL DI Joanne Brady Evil Girl
 EX-FILES DI Gilles Labrecque Don`t Put Me In The Ex-Files (Remixé)
 EX-IT D Jan Brookfield That`s The Way You Make An Ex
 EXCUSE ME D Ray Barns Excuse Me
 EXPRESSION I Anne-Marie Villeneuve & Red Léonard Vertical Expression
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