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Nom danseNiveauChorégrapheMusique
 4 EVER 2 GETHER I Larry & Jody Carriger You're Only Lonely
 FAIRY GIRL DI Pierre Provencher Fairy Girl
 FAIS DODO I Michelle Chandonnet Fais Do Do
 FALLEN I Robert Lindsay Fallen
 FALLIN` D Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Fallin`
 FALLSVIEW ROCK I Janet Humphrey You Win My Love''
 FANTASY ISLAND I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Fantasy Island
 FAR FROM HOME I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault 46 Miles From Alice
 FAST FORWARD DI Thomas & Brenda Haynes Living In Fast Forward
 FAST FORWARD . DI Dareen Mitchell Living In Fast Forward
 FAST LIVING D Toni Holmes & Steve Jeffries Living In Fast Forward
 FAST WOMAN DI Guyton Mundy Good Little Girls
 FAT SALLY LEE I Danny Leclerc Fat Sally Lee
 FEEL IN THE SAME DI Linda Sansoucy Do You Feel The Same Way Too
 FEEL MY VIBE I michele.perron@gmail.com Angel Eyes
 FEEL THE REEL D Tina Neale & Maggie Gallagher Reel To Reel
 FEEL THE RUSH I John H. Robinson She`s Everything You Want
 FEEL TO FORGET I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault I Feel Like I m Forgetting Something
 FEELIN' GOOD DI Jamie Davis & Tim Faast How Forever Feels
 FEELIN`OF LOVE D Bobby Houle It Must Be Love
 FEELS REAL GOOD I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Sure Feels Real Good
 FEVER A Marcel Massé Fever
 FEVER. IA Parry Spence Fever
 FIFTY TWO BEERS AGO DI Séverine Fillion Beers ago
 FIFTY-FIFTY DI Diane Jackson You Never Know How Good You`ve Got It
 FIRE CRACKER I Mariette et Jean-Marc Villeneuve Fire Cracker
 FIRESTORM A Adriano Castagnol Cajun Hoedown
 FIREWORKS DI Mario Champagne Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
 FIRST DI Danny Leclerc Whatever Comes First
 FIRST ATTEMPT (p) D Joanne Brady She Never Makes Me Cry
 FIRST COAST SWING DI Dedi Dillow Man! I Feel Like A Woman
 FIRST DANCE D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Population: Me
 FIRST LOVE I Tina Argyle First love
 FIRST LOVE (P) IA Carole Vincelli & Yvon Séguin First Love
 FIRST SOUTH D Pamela Hodgkiss About The South
 FIRST WORDS I Michelle Chandonnet First Words
 FISHING IN THE DARK D Sylvie Roy Fishin in the dark
 FISHIN` D Christine Bass Pray For The Fish
 FIVE O CLOCK DI Chantal Gagnon It`s five o`clock somewhere
 FLIP FLOP DANCE DI Cathy Montgomery Evangeline
 FLOBIE SLIDE D Flo Cook Six Days On The Road
 FLOWERS ON THE WALL D Max Perry Flowers On The Wall
 FLY AWAY I Stephen Paterson Last Dollar (Fly Away
 FLY LIKE A BIRD I Hedy McAdams Fly Like A Bird
 FLY RIGHT D Guylaine Fontaine Straighten up and Fly
 FOLSOM BLUES I Michelle Chandonnet Folsom Prison Blues
 FONDEST MEMORIES DI Sam & Pat Gretton Don`t Come Cryin` To Me
 FOOL AROUND I Micjhelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Fool Around
 FOOL BORN I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault There`s A Fool Born Everyday
 FOOL-COOL DI Daniel Servant Cool to be a fool
 FOOLING AROUND WITH YOU DI Bobby Houle Sick And Tired
 FOOLIN`AROUND ON ME DI Pistol Pete Foolin` Around
 FOOLISH HEART 4-2 D Bob Hocking Don`t Pretend With Me
 FOOLS AND BEER D Kathy Brown Cool To Be A Fool
 FOOTLOOSE I Rob Fowler Footloose
 FOOTLOSE I Marc Davidson Footloose
 For Always IA Suzie Dufault et Michel Tremblay Forever And For Always
 FOR REASONS I Marilyne & Fernand For Reasons I`ve Forgotten
 FOR THE GRACE OF GOD I Jacques Godin For The Grace Of God
 FOR YOU DI Marianne Langagne Lookin` at you
 Forever country I Collectif Québécois Forever Country
 Forgetfulness  D M. Vasquez  I Left Something Turned On At Home
 FORGETTING I Ann Williams I Keep Forgetting
 Found I Mathieu Gagné Found
 FOUNDEST MEMORIES DI Sam & Pat Gretton Don`t Come Cryin`To Me
 FOUR STAR BOOGIE I Melanie Greenwood Better Your Heart Than Mine
 FOUR STRONG WINDS DI Jacques Cloutier Four Strong Winds
 FRAMED I Simon Ward, Roxanne Kumre, Jo & John Kinser Freeze Frame
 FREE D Lyne Dufour Free
 FREE AND EASY I Greg & Samantha Van Zilen Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go)
 FREEZE D Inconnu Couple on a cake
 FREIGHT TRAIN  I Jean Luc Girard (Gibson)  Freight Train
 FREIGHT TRAIN .P I Chris & Trev,  Roll on Clickety Clack
 FRESHEN UP I Bev Carpenter Rochester Fresh Coat Of Paint
 FRIDAY NIGHT I Sylvie Tanguay & Normand Caron Come Friday
 FRIDAY NIGHT IN AMERICA D Charlene Wiencek Friday Night In America
 FRIENDS I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Friends
 FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES DI Wieslander, Nielsen, Steen, Gindeberg Friends In Low Places
 FRIENDS I`LL NEVER FORGET I Nicole & Fernand Gauthier Nights I Can`t Remember Friends I`ll Never Forget
 FROGGY MAX I Gaëtan Bourget & Anne Audy The Battle Of New Orleans
 FROM A JACK TO A KING DI Diane Girard & Jacques Godin From A Jack To A King
 FULL THROTTLE DI Larry & Jody Carriger East Bound And Down
 FUNK-N-GRUVIN I Pedro Machado Dance Above The Rainbow
 FUNKY COUNTRY I Kathy Heller Good Ole Days
 FUNNY FEELING I Jacques Peterson I've got a funny feeling
 FUNNY STRANGER DI Stéphane Cormier Loslapie
 FUNTIME BOOGIE I Susan Brooks Cherokee Boogie
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