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Nom danseNiveauChorégrapheMusique
 GALLOPING ON I Jenny Rockett Sold
 GALWAY GIRLS DI Chris Hodgson The Galway Girl
 Games People Play  I Sue Smyth  Games People Play
 GEEK IN THE PINK I Johanna Barnes Geek In The Pink
 GET AROUND DI Hot Pepper Wrap Around
 GET AWAY I Jenny Rockett Baila Baila
 GET DOWN D Janis Graves & Lindy Bowers Hicktown
 GET DOWN IN HICKTOWN D Janis Graves & Lindy Bowers Hicktown
 GET DOWN GET FUNKY I Sue Wilkinson & Cheryl Poulter Slam Dunk
 GET DOWN ON THE FIDDLE D Vic & Carla Woolnough Louisiana Saturday Night
 GET MY DRINK ON I Bastiaan van Leeuwen Get My Drink On
 GET ON BACK DI Kathy Brown Let’s get back to you and me
 GET RHYTHM I The Girls ( Maureen & Michelle ) Get Rhythm`
 GET THE BLUES I Gilles Labrecque I refuse to get the blues
 GET UP JACK JOHN I Gerard Murphy Jolly Rovin’ Tar
 GET YOUR FEET DOWN IA Michelle Chandonnet 1,2,3
 GETCHA I Michelle Chandonnet I`m gonna getcha good
 GHOST RANCH IA Teree Desarro The Ghost In This Guitar
 GHOST TRAIN D Kathy Hunyadi Zobra’s Dance
 GIDDY ON OUT I Lia Andrus & Al Dykstra Giddy On Up
 GIGOLO I Lisen Persson Gigolo ( version en anglais)
 GIMME BACK MY BULLETS IA Neil Hale Cypress Grove
 GIRLS LIKE THAT I Michelle Chandonnet Girls Like That
 GIVE IT UP DI Yveline Meline I`m On my way
 GIVE ME DI Ann Tuck Running Away With My Heart
 GIVIN' UP I Gilles Labrecque Never Givin' Up On Love
 GLADIATOR A Linda Sansoucy Piece Of Work
 GMC I Marrissa Mason Cold outside
 GO JOHNNY GO! D Patricia E.Stott Chuck Berry Medley
 GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN D Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Go Tell It On The Mountain
 GO TO JAIL I Josée Rotella Pay Me My Money Down
 GO WITH IT I Maggie Gallagher  Roll With It
 GO WITH ME DI Nicola Thompson Would You Go
 GO WITH THE FLOW I Hazel Pace Rollin` With The Flow
 GOD BLESS TEXAS D Shirley Batson God Blessed Texas
 GOING CRAZY I Rob Hocking Driving Me Out Of Your Mind
 GOING GOING GONE D Inconnu Any Man Of Mine
 GOING THROUGH HELL DI Val Reeves If You`re Going Through Hell
 GOING THROUGH HELL(P) DI Al & Sandy Ord If You`re Going Through Hell
 GOIN` PLACES D Bev Cornish My Love Goes On And On
 GOIN`HOME I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault She’s Goin’ Home With Me
 GOIN`SWINGIN` TONIGHT! DI K C Douglas Goin` Swingin`Tonight
 GOLDEN AGE COUNTRY DI Pauline Bernard East bound and down
 GOLDIGGER DI Robert & Kathryn Hocking I Need A Breather
 GONE I Ed Royko Gone
 GONNA TAKE THAT MOUNTAIN DI Christine Bass I`m Gonna Take That Mountain
 GOOD DAY DI Manon Majeau & Réal L`Archevêque This`d Be A Real Good Day
 GOOD GIRL DI Marylou Your Good Girl`s Gonna Go Bad
 GOOD HEARTED WOMAN DI Gilles Labrecque Good Hearted Woman
 GOOD LUCK D Jimmy Lee P. Allard You`re Too Good Look`In
 GOOD NIGHT I Sylvie Roy On A Good Night
 GOOD OL` TIMES  DI Marc Davidson As Good As I Once Was
 GOOD REASON I Sylvie Roy et Kathy Gagné  Another good reason
 GOOD RIDE I Marc Davidson Good Ride
 GOOD RIDE COWBOY DI Helen Born & Nita Lindley Good Ride Cowboy
 GOOD RUN D Line Provencher & Stéphane Cormier Forever and Ever, Amen
 GOOD TIME I Michelle Chandonnet Such A Good Time
 GOOD TIME (P) DI Nathalie Émond Good Time
 GOOD TIME (vidéo) D Jenny Cain Good Time
 GOOD TIME COWBOY CASANOVA I Laura K & Fred Buckley Cowboy Casanova
 GOOD TO GO DI Rachael McEnaney Good To Go To Mexico
 GOOD TO GO SALSA I Wanda & Jim York Good To Go To Mexico
 GOT TO BE FUNKY I Dawn Beecham Got To Be Funky
 GOTTA BE SOMEBODY  I Pierre Mercier Gotta be Somebody
 GRACE DI Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Going There With Grace
 GRACE KELLY I Patricia E. & Lizzie Stott Grace Kelly
 GRACELAND SWING D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller She`s Not You
 GRAINT OF SALT I Christian Sciallano jr. Grain Of Salt
 GRAND`PA D Stéphane Cormier Grand`Pa Tell Me Bout The Good Ol`Days
 GREASED LIGHTNIN` IA Marc Davidson Greased Lightnin
 GREASY I Gérard Murphy We Go Together
 Great unknown IA Sylvie Roy et Kathy Gagné The Great unknow
 GREEN DOOR DI Gene & Nancy Martin Green Door
 GREEN GRASS I Cinta Larrotcha Mama`s Got The Know How
 GROOVE DADDY D Hot Pepper Who`s Your Daddy
 GRUNDY DI Tom *Bubba*Via Sold
 GRUNDY GALOP D Jenny Rockett Sold
 GUAJIRA (Wonderful Waste Of Cha) I A.T. Kinson Guajira
 GUITAR MAN DI Manon Lévesque I'm a Guitar Man
 GYPSY I Forty Arroyo Cryin` In The Rain
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