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Nom danseNiveauChorégrapheMusique
 I AIN`T NO QUITTER D Helen Born I ain`t no quitter
 I BELIEVE DI Nathalie Pelletier I Believe
 I BOUGHT THE SHOES D Ghislain Carbonneau I Bought The Shoes
 I CAN TELL BY THE WAY IA Huguette Duguay I Can Tell By The Way You Dance
 I CAN`T BE BOTHERED I Linda Blanchard & Adrien Plourde I Can`t Be Bothered
 I CAN`T FORGET HER D Mario Champagne I Can`t Forget Her
 I DON'T KNOW I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault I Don't Know
 I DON`T CARE I Lisa Spangles I Don`t Care
 I DON`T CARE. DI djdan_miller@hotmail.com I Don`t Care
 I DON`T KNOW YOUR HEART DI Maryse Cloutier & Sylvain Richard I Don`t Know
 I Don`t Want This Night To End DI Claude Martin & Germaine Lemieux I Don`t Want This Night To End
 I FALL IN LOVE I Sylvie Roy I fell in love
 I FALL TO PIECES D Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve I Fall To Pieces
 I FEEL A SIN COMIN` I Marc Davidson I Feel A Sin Comin`
 I FEEL IN LOVE A Huguette & Jean Duguay I Fell
 I FEEL IN LOVE. D Nigel Payne I Fell In Love
 I FEEL IN THE WATER DI Jimmy Deblois I Feel In The Water
 I GOT MY BABY D David Grant I Got My Baby
 I HEAR YOU I Manon Majeau & Réal L`Archevêque I Hear You Knockin`
 I KNOW MY HISTORY I Sylvie Tanguay & Normand Caron I Know My History
 I LEAVE THIS HOUSE IA Mario Champagne When I Leave This House
 I LOVE MY WOMEN M&L D Raynald Dumont, Lucie Murphy, Maureen Geary Trashy Woman
 I LOVE THIS BAR I Diane Girard & Jacques Godin I love This Bar
 I LOVE THIS BAR (L) DI Cathleen Bossaller I Love This Bar
 I Love This Life DI Clément Brière  I Love This Life
 I LOVE THIS TOWN I Jason Weightman I Love This Town
 I LOVE YOU DI Bernard Williams I Love You
 I LOVE YOU SO D Linda Sansoucy All I Have To Do Is Dream
 I LUV YA D Marc Archambault I Luv Ya
 I MISS YA ` DI Micheline Tremblay Sometimes I miss Ya`
 I Need You (Honest I Do)  DI John Warnars  I Need You
 I NEVER WORK DI Sylvie Roy I never work on a sunday
 I NEVER WORK ON A SUNDAY IA Gordon Elliott I Never Work On A Sunday
 I ONLY SEE YOU DI Bonnie & John Newcomer I Only See You
 I PLAY CHICKEN WITH THE TRAIN D Barry Amato, Guyton Mundy, Robert Royston I Play Chicken With The Train
 I PLAY CHICKEN WITH THE TRAIN. I Barry Amato, Guyton Mundy, Robert Royston I Play Chicken With The Train
 I SCREAM ! I Scott Blevins Cuz I Can
 I THINK THE WORLD DI Suzie Dufault & Marc Lafrenière I Think The World Needs A Drink
 I TOLD YOU DI Marianne Langagne I told you so
 I TOLD YOU SO I Sylvie Roy I told you so
 I TRY TO THINK ABOUT ELVIS IA Country Rodeo Dancers I Try To Think About Elvis
 I WALK THE LINE I Sylvie Roy I walk the line
 I WANNA BE I Lise L’Heureux & Patrick Bérubé I Wanna Be Your Man
 I WANNA BE A HILLBILLY DI Nathalie Pelletier I Wanna Be A Hillbilly
 I Wanna Die DI Jacques ( Sam ) Plourde  I Wanna Die
 I WANNA GO HOME DI Linda Sansoucy Sloop John B.
 I WANNA LOVE AGAIN DI DJ Dan & Wynette Miller I Wanna Love Again
 I WANNA RUN (P) DI Nathalie Pelletier I Wanna Run
 I WANT A MAN DI Michelle Chandonnet I Want A Man
 I WANT CRAZY I Sylvie Roy et Kathy Gagné  I Want crazy
 I WANT IT ALL I Rob McKean I Wanna Do It All
 IF I AIN`T GOT YOU I Diane Brabant If I Ain`t Got You
 IF IT WILL, IT WILL DI Guy Dubé If It Will, It Will
 IF THAT`S WHAT YOU WANT I Linda Pink If That`s What You Want
 IF THE SOUTH WOULDA WON IA Guylaine Bourdages If The South Woulda Won
 IF THIS AIN`T LOVE D Gilles Cyr If This Ain`t love
 IF TOMOROW NEVER COMES I Michael Vera-Lobos If Tomorrow Never Comes
 IF YOU LOVE ME DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Give My Heart A Rest
 IF YOU LOVE TO HONKY TONK DI Pierre Provencher If You Love To Honky Tonk
 IF YOU WERE MINE DI Lucy Siro If You Were My Girl
 IF YOU WERE MY GIRL D Sylvie Roy If you were my girl
 IMAGINE I Bryan McWherter Just My Imagination
 IN A HICKTOWN DI Harlan Curtis Hicktown
 IN DREAM FOR TWO DI D.J. Denys & Marie-France Ben In Dreams
 IN DREAMS DI Liette & Gilles Chevrette In Dreams
 IN JAMAICA D Robert & Kathryn Hocking How`d I Wind Up In Jamaica
 IN LOVE WITH ME D Gilles Labrecque I Can`t Keep You In Love With Me
 IN LOVE WITH YOU I Bobby Houle I Hope You Want Me Too
 IN MY DREAMS D Line Lacroix In My Dreams
 IN MY DREAMS . DI Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault In My Dreams
 IN THE COUNTRY I Daniel Lepage In The Country
 IN THE COUNTRY. I Catherine Lemay & Marie-Pier Hélie In The Country
 IN THE STICKS I Paul J. Badrick Fishin` In The Dark
 IN THE SUNSHINE DI Johanne Beaudet & Pierre Légaré Big Time
 INDIAN OUTLAW I Marc Labrosse Indian Outlaw
 INDIAN TOUCH DI Nicole Claude & Mélanie Allaire Indian Outlaw
 INDIGO SHUFFLE DI Peter Metelnick Hello Mr. Heartache
 INSTANT ATTRACTION DI Alan Robinson One Dance With You
 INVITATION TO THE BLUES I Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Invitation To The Blues
 IRISH SPIRIT I Maggie Gallagher Celtic Rock
 IRISH STEW DI Lois Lightfoot Irish Stew
 IRRESISTIBLE I Peter Metelnick et Alisson Biggs Surrender
 Is It Friday Yet? For Two I Heather Staddon Is It Friday Yet? For Two
 Is It Love DI D.J. Dan & Winnie, Is It Love
 ISLAND IN THE STREAM D Paula Frohn Butterly Island in the stream
 ISLAND `S GIRL I Sylvie Chiasson & Martine Tremblay She`s Gone Gone
 IT HAPPENS DI Bobby Houle It Happens
 IT ONLY HURT D Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve It Only Hurts When I Laugh
 ITS A HEARTACHE DI Stéphane Cormier It`s A Heartache
 IT`S A CRAZY OLD WORLD DI DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Crazy Old World
 IT`S A LITTLE TWO STEP I Marc Davidson & Sylvie Raymond It`s A Little Too late
 IT`S ALL GOOD DI Maryse Cloutier & Sylvain Richard It`s All Good
 IT`S ALL RIGHT I Sylvie & François Deslauriers It`s All Right
 IT`S ALRIGHT TO BE RED NECK A Norman Dery It`s Alright To Be A Redneck
 IT`S EASY D Geoff Langford You Lied To Me
 IT`S GOOD TO BE US IA Linda Wolfe , Robyn Groot, Gary &Chery Parker It`s good to be us
 IT`S HEARTACHE I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault it`s heartache
 IT`S TAKE TWO D Caz Mawby It Takes Two
 IT`S THE SEASON DI Linda Sansoucy Let Your Love Flow
 IT`S UP TO YOU DI Kim Ray It`s Up To You
 IT’S A HEARTACHE (L) DI Richard Poirier It`s a Heartache
 I`LL BE READY D Lyn Abbott When Love Comes Around
 I`LL GO BACK D Jeanine Desrochers & Yvon Poissant I`ll Go Back To Her
 I`LL TAKE YOU BACK I Jos Slijpen I`ll Take You Back
 I`M FROM THE COUNTRY DI Daniel Sabourin I`m From The Country
 I`M GONE I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault I`m Gone
 I`M GONNA I Lana Harvey Wilson I`m Gonna Knock On Your Door
 I`M GONNA GETCHA GOOD I CM Montreal I`m Gonna Getcha Good
 I`M GONNA MISS HER I Raymonde Barns I`m Gonna Miss Her
 I`M MOVIN` ON I Andrew Palmer & Sheila Palmer I`m movin` on
 I`M THE ONE I Lucy Siro et Christyan Roussel I`m The One
 I`M WRAPPED DI DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Wrapped
 I`VE BEEN BETTER DI Bobby Houle I`ve Been Better
 I`VE BEEN WATCHING YOU D Sylvia Schell Watching You
 I’M GONE DI Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault I`m gone
 I’M GONNA LOVE YOU TONIGHT DI Diane Girard et Jacques Godin I May Hate Myself In The Morning
 MY INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER I Ellie & Meerman International Harvester
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