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Nom danseNiveauChorégrapheMusique
 9 - ELEVEN I Larry & Jody Carriger Nine Eleven
 NA MARA DI Maggie Gallagher Na Mara
 NASHVILLE KICK DI Cindy Truelove The Heart Is Right
 NASHVILLE`S GONE HOLLYWOOD DI Ray Barns Nashville s Gone Hollywood
 NEED IS LOVE DI Sylvie Roy et Kathy Gagné  All you really need is love
 NEED IS YOU DI Serge Légaré & Guy Dubé All I Ever Need Is You
 NEON COWBOY DI Liette & Gilles Chevrette Neon Cowboy
 NEON MOON DI Robert Prieto & Kay Hackett Neon Moon
 NEVER AGAIN DI Jan Wyllie Never Again, Again
 NEVER BEEN D Hobo" Pete Harkness You've Taken Me Places I Wish I'd Never Been
 NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE I Gérard Murphy Never Been There Before
 NEVER BETTER D Yvon Poissant & Jeannine Desrochers I`ll Never Do Better Than You
 NEVER EVER DI Georg & Petra Kiesewetter No No Never
 NEVER GONNA! DI Joey Prieur Never Gonna Give You Up
 NEW CHARLESTON D David Matton Don`t Cross The River
 NEW ENGLAND STROLL I Josh Albert Can`t Turn Back The Years
 NEW MEXICO CHA CHA I Diane Jackson Live Close By, Visit Often
 NEW WAY TO FLY I Lyne Simard, Denise Rock, Luc Boutin, Marcel Rock New Way To Fly
 NICKAJACK I Gloria Johnson Nickajack
 NICKEL AND DIME DI Nathalie Pelletier Nickel and Dime
 NIGHT OUT TOGETHER I Pim Humphrey Girls Night Out
 NO CHICKEN WINGS I Larry Bass No Chicken Wings
 NO DAMN GOOD I Dixie Fafard & Raymond Lamarche No Damn Good
 NO ESTA AQUI NO MORE I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault My Baby No Esta Aqui no more
 NO GOING HOME DI Bill Bader & Grant Gadbois No ! We`re Not Going Home
 NO HASTA LA VISTA TONIGHT D djdan_miller@hotmail.com No Hasta La Vista Tonight
 NO HASTA LA VISTA TONIGHT. D DJ Dan & Wynette Miller What Will Christmas Be
 NO NO NEVER I Yvonne Van Baaten No No Never
 No Shoes No Shirt No Problem DI Micheline Tremblay et Martial Paquet No Shoes No Shirt No Problem
 NO SUCH THING DI Jan Brookfield No Such Thing
 NO TRICKS DI Vivienne Scott Don`t Play With My Heart
 NO TROUBLES I Levi J. Hubbard Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
 NO WAY I Mario Champagne Ain`t No Particular Way
 NOBODY BUT ME I Darren Mitchell Nobody But Me
 NOT GOING HOME DI Bill Bader & Grant Gadbois No ! We`re Not Going Home
 NOTHIN BUT ON THE RADIO (L) DI Brigitte Paquin Nothing On But The Radio
 NOTHIN `LEFT TO SAY I Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Puttin` Memories Away
 NOTHING ABOUT LOVE DI D J Dan & Wynette Miller Nothin `Bout Love Makes Sense
 NOTHING BETTER TO DO DI Dixie Fafard Nothing Better To Do (Cut)
 NOTHING BUT TAILLIGHTS DI D.J Dan & Wynette Miller Nothin` But Taillights
 NOTHING I WOULDN`T DO DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller There`s Nothing I Wouldn`t Do
 NOTHING ON BUT THE RADIO I Diane Girard et Jacques Godin Nothing On But The Radio
 NOTHING YOU CAN DO D Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Ain`t Nothing You Can Do
 NOTHIN``BOUT LOVE MAKE SENSE DI Trent Duncan Nothin` `Bout Love Makes Sense
 NUMBERS ON THE JUKEBOX I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault  Numbers On The Jukebox
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