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 *T* TIME I Jo Thompson Sea Of Cowboy Hats
 T BYRD SMOOTHIE I Diane Jackson Baby Put Your Clothes On
 T-BONE SHUFFLE I Peter Metelnick T-Bone Shuffle
 T-R-O-U-B-L-E D Inconnu Trouble
 T. L.C. (Tender Loving Care) IA Inconnu I Love You Cause I Want You
 T.K. Cha Cha I Diane Jackson Just The Guy To Do It
 T.L.C.. D Steve Mason Sorry You Asked
 TAIL ON TAILGATE I Rick & Deborah Bates Tailgate
 TAKE A BREATHER DI Maggie Gallagher I Need A Breather
 TAKE ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART IA Julia Gilis Take another little piece of my heart
 TAKE BACK I Petra Geens  I ll Take You Back
 TAKE IT WITH YOU I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault You Can Take It With You
 TAKE ME HOME MAMA! I Mario Champagne Mama Take Me Home
 TAKE U HOME DI Junior WILLIS  Wanna take you home
 TAKIN`MY TIME I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault This Time I`m Taking My Time
 TALK ABOUT ME D Jeff Joslin I Wanna Talk About Me
 TALK IS CHEAP DI Ghislain Carbonneau Talk Is Cheap
 TALL TALL TREES I Sylvie Roy Tall tall trees
 TALL TREES D Sandy Plummer Love Gets Me Every Time
 TANGO HUSTLE I Jo Thompson & Max Perry Commitment
 TANYA DI Sylvie Roy Some kind of trouble
 TEARDROPS I Michelle Chandonnet Bring On The Teardrops
 TEARS 4 YOU D Red Russell I’ve Cried My Last Tear For You
 TELL MY HEART DI Richard Boutet Achy Breaky Heart - Remix
 TELLING ME I Micheline Tremblay Love Must Be Telling Me Something
 TEMPTATION A Barry Amato, Dari Anne Amato,Max Perry & Kathy Hunyadi Temptation
 TEN MILLION TEARDROPS I Isabelle Lair Ten Million Teardrops
 TEN ROUNDS DI Nancy A. Morgan Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo
 TEN THOUSAND ANGELS DI Nathalie Pelletier Ten Thousand Angels
 TENDER HEART DI Kalvin & Patricia Finch Just A Kiss
 TENNESSEE TWISTER D Linda De Ford That`s Just About Right
 TENNESSEE WALTZ SUPRISE DI Andy Chumbley  Tennessee Waltz
 TEQUILA CRAZY DI Kathy Brown Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
 TEQUILA MAKES HER CLOTHES FALL OFF DI Helen Born & Nita Lindley Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
 TEQUILA SUNRISE DI Gaétan & Françoise Moreau Another Tequila Sunrise
 TERADROPS I Michelle Chandonnet Bring On The Teardrops
 TEXAN SPECIAL D Daniel Auger 100% Texan
 TEXAS GIRL D Jan Brookfield Texas Girl
 TEXAS QUEEN DI Micheline Tremblay North of the Border
 TEXAS SATURDAY NIGHT I Bastiaan Van Leeuwen Texas Saturday Night
 THANK YOU BABY DI MichelineTremblay Thank You Baby
 THANKS A LOT DI Robbie McGowan Hickie Thanks A Lot
 THAT FUNKY I Serge Légaré Play That Funky Music White Boy
 THAT'LL BE THE DAY DI A.T. Kinson That'll Be The Day
 THAT`D BE ALRIGHT D Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault That'd Be Alright
 THAT`S ALL RIGHT I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault That`s All Right By Me
 THAT`S ALL RIGHT (L) I Michelle Chandonnet That`s All Right For Me
 THAT`S ALL RIGHT FOR ME I Michelle Chandonnet That`s All Right For Me
 THAT`S LOVE D Hot Pepper That`s Love
 THE ALPINE D Tony Milligan One Woman Man
 THE ANTS DANCE DI Michele Burton Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues
 THE BIG ONE I Suzie Dufault & Marc Lafrenière The Big One
 THE COWBOY TUNE D Alain Innocenti The End Is Not In Sight
 THE DIXIE WAY DI Helen Born & Nita Lindley That`s How They Do It In Dixie
 THE DIXIE`S DANCE DI Raymond Lamarche & Dixie Fafard That`s How They Do It In Dixie
 THE DRINKIN` BONE DI Claude & Lise Leblanc Drinkin` Bone
 THE DRIVER A The Rancheros In My Car
 THE FIRST SWING D Linda Blanchard & Adrien Plourde High test love
 THE FUNKY MARITIMER DI Cindi Talbot Ridin` Alone
 THE GAMBLER I Denis Henley & Guy Dubé The Gambler
 THE GARBAGE MAN DI Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Here Come The Garbage Man
 THE GIRL I AM DI Stéfan-Ozz The Girl I Am
 THE GUN I Guy Dubé The Gun Ain`t Loaded
 THE HABIT I Mary Beth & Gary Lachapelle Slave To The Habit
 THE HATFIELD STROLL I Diane Jackson Angel Blue
 THE HOT TROT DI Deb Crew Honky Tonk Women
 THE KING & I D Christy Fox I Got Stung
 THE L.O.V.E. DANCE D Jan (Stray Cat) Brookfield All You Really Need Is Love
 THE LINE (NEW) D Nathalie Émond She Lays It All On The Line
 THE LION SLEEPS D Michael John Sr. & Michael John Jr. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
 THE LITTLE LIGHT DI Jo & Rita Thompson This Little Light Of Mine
 THE LONE RANGER DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller The Lone Ranger
 THE LORRAINE DI Joe & Penny Barker Dumas Walker
 THE LOST SHUFFLE D Lise L`Heureux & Patrick Bérubé Lost In The Shuffle
 THE LYER IA Michelle Chandonnet Believe Me I'm Lying
 THE MATCHES BOOK I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Little Book Of Matches
 THE MIDDLE OF PARADISE I Richard & Mario Boutet God`s Been Good To Me
 THE NEXT BIG THING IA Diane Brabant The Next Big Thing
 THE OLD HOUSE D Jean-Guy Benoit Home Improvement
 THE ONE FOR ME I Kathy Hunyadi From Time To Time
 THE ONE FOR ME (L) DI Kathy Hunyadi From Time To Time
 THE OUTBACK DI Gordon Elliott The Outback Club
 THE OUTBACK CLUB DI Lucien Castonguay I’M a Member Of The Outback Club
 THE PICNIC POLKA DI David Paden I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
 THE PRINCETOWN PISTOL DI Dan Testa Devil`s Right Hand
 THE RACE I Marc Davidson The Race Is On
 THE SAD SIDE OF TOWN I Gilles Cyr The Sad Side Of Town
 THE SHADOW DI Nancy Martin Walking to Jerusalem
 THE SHAKE IA Inconnu The Shake
 THE SHINE I Manon Lévesque, Daniel Lepage, Linette Lévesque Shine Your Light
 THE SHOOTER DI Jim and Sheri Nabozy What`s It Gonna Take
 The Size I Wear  D Marie Sørensen The Size I Wear
 THE THINGS YOU SAID I Monique Veilleux & Réginald Bertrand The Things You Said To Me
 THE TRUTH ABOUT MEN D Evelin Eckhart The Truth About Men
 THE WAY D Jan Svensen The Way I Mate
 THE WAY I FEEL I Jean-Claude et Manon If never stop loving your
 THE WAY YOU LOVE ME DI Candy Hennon The Way You Love Me
 THE WHOLE SHEBANG DI Barry Amato I Will...But
 THE WINE DANCE DI Bill Bader Wine, Women & Song
 THE WITCH DOCTOR DI Michael Vera-Lobos Witch Doctor
 THE WORLD DI Maggie Gallagher The World
 THE WRITING ON FOUR ALLS D Brenda Pocok & Hillary Kurt Writing`s On The Wall
 THERE GOES MY HEART IA Manon Monette & Jean Lemire There Goes My Heart
 THERE I GO DI Chantal Gagnon There I Go Again
 THERE`S MORE DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller More Where That Came From
 THERE`S NOTHING I WOULDN`T DO I Ghislain Carbonneau There`s Nothing I Wouldn`t Do
 They Dance  DI Marie Sørensen & Dirk Leibing  They Dance
 THINK OF ME I Gilles Labrecque Think Of Me
 THINK OF ME (L) I Noëlla Sivadier You`ll Think Of Me
 THINKING ABOUT YOU I Alan & Sonia Cole Think About You All Of The Time
 Thinkin` Country D Simon Ward What Was I Thinkin`
 Thirteen Women And One Old Man D Inconnu Harper Valley P.T.A.
 THIS HEART IS MINE D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Crazy Arms
 THIS HEART IS MINE p D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Crazy Arms
 THIS LITTLE LIGHT DI Jo & Rita Thompson This Little Light Of Mine
 THIS MUST LOOK BAD I Teea & Hanne Riihuhta Two More Pairs Of Feet
 This Old Raft I Hélène Lavoie & Michel Auclair This Old Raft
 THIS OLE BOY I Rachael McEnaney This Ole Boy
 THNKING ABOUT YOU IA Alan & Sonia Cole Think About You All Of The Time
 THORN D Danny Leclerc Thorn
 THREE CHORD COUNTRY DI Sean Ballasso Three Chord Country
 THREE GOOD REASONS DI Geoff Langford Three Good Reasons
 THREE GOODS REASONS I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Three Good Reasons
 THREE WORDS DI Inconnu Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night
 THROUGH MY MIND D Jeanine Desrochers & Yvon Poissant Operator, Operator
 THROWDOWN I John H. Robinson Ain`t Livin` Long Like This
 THUNDER & LIGHTNING I Sue Halliday Lightning Does The Work
 TI-NA `S WALTZ D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller All For The Love Of Sunshine
 TIGER I Michelle Chandonnet I`ve Got A Tiger By The Tail
 Till my last day loving you DI Yvonne Zielonka - Hlousek Till my last day
 Timber DI Linda Sansoucy Timber, I`m Falling In Love
 TIME AFTER TIME DI Mario Champagne Time After Time
 TIME IS LOVE DI Pierre Mercier Time Is Love
 TIME TO DREAM I Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Time To Dream
 TIM`S WALTZ I Tim Brown You Can`t Have It All
 TINY BUBBLES D Hot Pepper Tiny Bubbles
 TO MUCH DANCE DI Linda Sansoucy love to much
 TO SAY NO! D Marilyn Lavoie I`m Not In The Mood
 TO SAY NO!!! D Marilyn Lavoie I`m Not In The Mood
 TOES TOGETHER DI Carol & George Stayte  Toes
 TOLD ME SO I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault She Told Me So
 TOMOROW NEVER KNOWS I Bastiaan van Leewen & Arne Stakkestad Tomorrow Never Knows
 TONIGHT YOU`RE MINE I Chris Hodgson & Dynamite Dot Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
 TOO COUNTRY I Robert & Diane Jackson Too Country And Proud Of It
 TOO LAZY, TO WORK, TOO NERVOUS DI Gaston Denommé Too Lazy, To Work, Too Nervous
 TOOK ALL NIGHT LONG I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault It Took Us All Night Long
 TORN APART IA Liam Hrycan Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart
 Tornado DI Marc Laliberté Tornado
 Tornado Twister D JoAnn & Andy Cardoza  Tornado
 TOURING AROUND I Diane Jackson Circus Leaving Town
 TRASHY WOMEN I Pat Eodice Trashy Women
 TRAVELING CHA- CHA DI Inconnu Commitment
 Traveling Gypsy DI Dan Albro Lil Bit Gypsy
 TRAVELING WANDERER D June Wilson’s « wanderer I miss the old you
 TRAVELLIN` DANCE D Jeannette Martin Travellin` Music
 TRICKLE TRICKLE D Michael Barr & Michele Burton Long Neck Bottle
 TRICKY MOON DI Kathy Hunyadi Bigger Than The Beatles
 TRIPLE J DI Michael Barr Juke Joint Jumpin`
 TRIPLE L I Mark & Jan Caley I Hope You Want Me To
 TRIPLE THREAT I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Triple Threat
 TROPICAL CHRISTMAS DI Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Tropical Christmas
 TROUBLE I Ron Welters Trouble
 TROUBLE TROUBLE I Kathy Brown Can`t Let Go
 Truck a truck I Jóse Ferrer A Girl Who Loves To Truck
 TRUCK STOP IN THE SKY DI Denis Henley Truck stop in the sky
 TRUCKING I Maggie Gallagher Independent Trucker
 TRUCKIN` DOG A Marc Davidson Code Red
 TRUE LOVE CHA CHA I Marc Labrosse I should have been true
 TRULY BLUE I Alan Finch Yours Truly Blue
 TU PEUX M OUBLIER DI Sylvie Roy et Kathy Gagné Tu peux m oublier
 TUESDAY'S CHA CHA DI Donna Laurin Everything's Changed
 TULSA TIME DI Sylvie Roy et Kathy Gagné Tulsa time
 TUMBLIN`DOWN DI Michele Perron Tumblin` Down
 TURA-LINE DANCE D Bornita & Borne Come Do The Line Dance
 TURBO TWANG DI Max Perry & Peter Metelnick Turbo Twang
 TURN IT ON COWBOY AND GIRL D Danielle & Emilio Garcia Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose
 TURN ME ROUND DI Bobby Houle Turn Me Round
 TURN OUT THE LIGHTS I Angela Pinnington & Peter Kimber Arizona Of My Mind
 TUSH DI Hot Pepper Tush
 TUSH PUSH DI Jim Ferrazzano Fast as you
 Tush Push For 2 DI Stéphane Cormier I Wanna Get To Ya
 TUSLA TIME D Inconnu Who Were You Thinkin` Off
 TWILIGHT SCHOTTISCHE I Dan Albro My Love Goes On And On
 TWIST & SHAKE D Sylvie Roy The shake
 TWIST & SHOUT D Inconnu Down At The Twist & Shout
 TWIST TWIST I Sylvie Roy Oh lonesome me
 TWIST, ROCK & ROLL I Forty Arroyo She Wants To Rock
 TWO DOLLARS IN THE JUKEBOX DI Marjolaine Ouellet & André Rocco Two Dollars In The Jukebox
 TWO OF A KIND I Jacques Cloutier Two Of A Kind
 TWO PINA COLADA I Jean-Claude & Marlène Racine Two Pina Colada
 TWO STEP TOO I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Two Step Too
 Two Steppin Around DI Marc Davidson Spread a little love around
 TWO-STEPPIN` CHRISTMAS I Cato Larsen : Two-Steppin` Around The Christmas Tree
 TYPICAL DI Karen Hedges Hurricane
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