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Nom danseNiveauChorégrapheMusique
 WA-HOO I David Kopcych & Faith Pinzino Button Off My Shirt
 WAGGLE DANCE D Stephen Sunter & John H. Robinson The Great Unknown
 WAGON WHEEL DI Inconnu I Knew The Bride
 WAIKIKI COWBOY DI Mark Cosenza Waikiki Cowboy
 WALK BACK TO ME I Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs, Dan Albro Where You Gonna Go
 WALK BACKWARDS D Jos Slijpen Walk Out Backwards
 WALK OUT I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Walk Out Backward
 WALK THE LINE I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault I Walk The Line ( revisited)
 WALKIN , TALKIN, CRYIN DI Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Walkin, Talkin, Cryin, Barely Beating Broken Heart
 WALKIN WAZI D Michael Callahan & Dave Getty She Took It Like A Man
 WALKING BACKWARDS DI Robbie McGowan Hickie Walking Backwards
 WALKING COUNTRY D Inconnu Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
 WALKING IN THE MOONLIGHT I Nigel Payne Something To Write Home About
 WALKIN` ON WATER DI Master In Line City Put The Country Back In Me
 WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS D Lois & John Nielson I See It Now
 WANNA LOVE SOMEBODY I Élaine & Frank Beaumier Somebody Like You
 WANT FRIES WITH THAT DI Helen Born & Nita Lindley Do You Want Fries With That
 Wasted time DI Collectif Québécois Wasted Time
 WATCH ME NOW I Max Perry & Kathy Hunyadi Do You Love Me
 WATCH MY DANCE I Linda Sansoucy Watch My Hair
 WATCH OUT! DI Chris Hodgson I Been Found
 WATER FOR TWO DI Sylvain Richard & Joanne Messier  Water
 WAVE ON WAVE DI Alan G. Birchall Wave On Wave
 WAY BACK WHEN I Gaye Teather Back When
 WAY GONE A Jenifer Reaume How Long Gone
 WE & THE RADIO DI Cinta Larrotcha Nothing On But The Radio
 We Are Tonight DI Marie Sørensen We Are Tonight
 WE DANCED DI Paula Frohn-Butterly & Michael Silva We Danced
 WE DON`T DANCE I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault We Won`t Dance
 WE DON`T RUN IA Stéphane Cormier We Don`t Run
 WE LIKE IT ) LOUD I Stéfan-Ozz Loud
 We only live once I Robbie McGowan Hickie We Only Live Once
 WE OWN THE NIGHT I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs We Owned The Night
 WE'RE NOT BREAKIN D Pat & Ray Cartwright I'm Not Breaking
 WEAR AND TEAR I Denis Henley Wear And Tear On My Heart
 WEAR MY RING I Michelle Chandonnet Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
 WEEKEND D Suzie Dufault & Marc Lafrenière Here Comes The Weekend
 WEEKEND SUPERSTAR DI Marcel Massé Weekend Superstar
 WELSHPOLL PAIR D Ted Bowring If French Fries Were Fat Free
 WEST COAST BABY I Marc Davidson & Sylvie Raymoond I Got My Baby
 WEST COAST BOOGIE DI Rick & Deborah Bates Some Beach
 WEST COAST SHUFFLE DI Donna Mussman & Greg Underwood I like it i love it
 WEST SHOW FOR TWO DI Sylvie Tanguay & Normand Caron Wild West Show
 WEST TEXAS WALTZ I Diane Jackson West Texas Waltz
 WESTERN MAMBO I Lyndon & Mona Foster Lets Walk Away In Love
 WET T SHIRT D Liette & Gilles Chevrette Wet T Shirt
 WE`RE ALL HERE I Michelle Chandonnet We`re All Here
 WHAT A PARTY I Bobby Houle Wasn `t That A Party
 WHAT A SHOCK ! DI Larry Bass Time On My Hands
 WHAT A WAY TO WANNA BE I Marc Labrosse What A Way To Wanna Be
 WHAT ABOUT NOW D Pierre Mercier What About Now
 WHAT CAN IT BE DI Larry Bass It Must Be Love
 WHAT DO YOU KNOW I Gilles Cyr What Do You Know About Love
 WHAT DO YOU KNOW ? (L) DI David Pytha What Do You Know About Love
 WHAT IN THE WORLD I Diane Gamache & Lucien Castonguay What In The World Has Come Over You
 WHAT IT AIN`T I Yvonne Anderson & John Grrowler Rowell What It Ain`t
 WHAT SAY YOU I Linda Sansoucy What Say You
 Whatcha Reckon I Carol* & George Stayte Whatcha Reckon
 WHATEVER IT TAKES A Larry & Jody Carriger What`s Gonna Take
 WHAT`S A GUY A GOTTA DO I Tres Amigos What's A Guy Gotta Do
 WHAT`S COOKING D Normand Lamy Hey, Good Looking
 WHAT`S HER NAME D Johanne Chiasson O`l What`s Her Name
 WHAT`S ON MY MIND DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller What`s On My Mind
 WHAT`S THE MATTER BABY D Tonya Coon What`s The Matter With You Baby
 WHAT`S YOUR NAME I Michael Barr Why Me
 What’s His Name I Diane Jackson That’s Not My Name
 WHEN DID YOU KNOW I Paul Snooke When Did You Know
 WHEN I LEAVE D Judy McDonald When I Leave This House
 WHEN I LEAVE. I Marc Davidson When I Leave This House
 WHEN IN ROME DI Helen Born & Nita Lindley When In Rome
 WHEN IT RAIN D Line Dufour When It Rains
 WHEN IT RAIN. I Pierre Provencher When It Rains
 When I`m Gone I Manon Lévesque When I`m Gone – Cups ( Radio Version )
 WHEN LONELY MET LOVE D Carina Slijters When Lonely Met Love
 WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN DI Guy Dubé When The Sun Goes Down
 When Will I Be Loved  DI Gordon Elliott When Will I Be Loved
 WHEN YOU COME AROUND D Sylvie Roy When you come around
 WHERE I BELONG D Maggie Gallagher That s Where I Belong
 WHERE IS THE LOVE I The Lady In Black & Mitch Haycock Where Is The Love?
 WHERE ON MY HEART DI Gaëtan Favreau Wear and tear on my heart
 WHERE WE`VE BEEN I Lana Harvey Wilson Remember When
 WHIPPY`S CALL I Kim Thijsens The Way I Mate
 WHISKEY -O IA Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Whiskey-O
 WHISKEY AND BEER D Jim Vivis Beer For My Horses
 WHISKEY GIRL I Margaret Swift Whiskey Girl
 WHISKEY GIRL. DI Helen Born & Nita Lindley Whiskey Girl
 WHISKEY IN THE JAR I Maggie Gallagher Whiskey In The Jar
 WHISKEY UNDER THE BRIDGE D Jos Slijpen Whiskey Under The Bridge
 WHISKEY WIGGLE I Joyce Warren Whiskey Under The Bridge
 Whiskey Wishes DI Dan Albro Whiskey Well
 Whisky & Cowboy DI Stéphane Cormier Whisky Drinkin’
 WHO SAY`S YOU CAN`T GO HOME DI Guylaine Bourdages Who say`s you can`t go home
 WHOLE AGAIN DI Sue Johnstone Whole Again
 WHOLE LOTTA HILLCREST D Johanna Barnes Squeeze Box
 WHOLE LOTTA LOVIN` I Marc Davidson Whole Lotta Lovin`
 WHOOPS... I SLIPPED DI Barbara R. K. Wallace I Slipped And Fell In Love
 WHO`S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED DI Sylvie Tanguay & Normand Caron Who`s Been Sleeping In My Bed
 WHO`S EYES I Dan Morrison Eyes
 WHO`S YA DADDY DI Andrew, Simon, Sheila (A&S) Who`s Your Daddy
 WHO`S YOUR DADDY I Larry & Jody Carriger Who`s Your Daddy
 WHY BABY I Suzie Dufault & Marc Lafrenière Why you been gone so long
 WHY DON`T CHA I Rick & Deborah Bates Why Don`t Cha Stop It
 WHY ME I Marc labrosse Why Me
 WHY ME. I Connie Van Den Bos Why Me
 WHY? I Michelle Chandonnet Why ?
 WIDE AWAKE I Sylvie Ayotte Sleepin` On The Foldout
 WILD HEART D Karen Hunn Wild At Heart
 WILD ONE I Marcel Massé Wild One
 WILD ROSE SWING I Diane Jackson Come Here You
 WILD TURKEY KICKER DI Joyce Warren Wild Turkey Liquor
 WILD WEST WRAP DI Lyndy Back In Your Arms Again
 WILL DANCE DI William St-Godard Some Days You Gotta Dance
 WILL I DO DI Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Will I Do
 WILL YOU LOVE ME? I Martin Ritchie Will You Love Me When You`re Fat Bald & Ugly?
 WILLBRIGHT D William St-Godard Livin` On Borrowed Time
 WILLHOT D Willliam St-Godard Wrapped Around
 WINE ME UP DI D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Wine Me Up
 WINGS OF LOVE I Jeannette Martin On The Wings Of Love
 WINGS OF LOVE II D Marc Labrosse On The Wings Of Love
 WINTERLAND WALK DI Bruce & Mary Milner Winter Wonderland
 WIPPY`S CALL I Kim Thijsens The Way I Mate
 WITH OR WITHOUT I Sho Botham Summer Night Lovin`You
 Without A Fight I Gay Alson & Normand Godin Without A Fight
 WITHOUT YOU DI Audrey Watson Without You
 WOMAN I Mireille Taillon Woman Sensuous Woman
 WOMAN. I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault What A Woman Wants
 WONDER WOMAN I Simon Ward & Roxanne Kumre Some Kind Of Wonderful
 WOODCHOPER DI Georgine Noël Fecteau Woodchoper Break
 WOODEN NICKEL DI Rick & Kathy Stearns Your Tattoo
 WOODS ON FIRE D Silke C. Henke Settin` The Woods On Fire
 WORK IN PROGRESS I Ray Barns Work In Progress
 WORK WORK WORK I Lucy Siro, Christyan Roussel, Johanne Bourque My Living Is Working
 WORKIN 4 A LIVIN DI Maggie Gallagher Workin` For A Livin`
 WORKIN`OVERTIME I Rosie Multari Just Like A Rodeo
 WORLD OF BLUE MIXER I Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault World Of Blue
 WORLDS APART I John & Katie Corbett Worlds Apart
 WRANGLER WRAP I Max Perry I Owe It All To Her
 WRAP N`STRUT I Diane Girard & Jacques Godin A Good Day To Run
 WRAPPED I Diane Jackson Wrapped
 WRAPPED AROUND D James Caldwell Wrapped around
 WRONG DI Louis Perrett Wrong
 WRONG GIRL DI Brigitte Paquin Wrong Girls
 WRONG NIGHT DI Rita M. Kyle Wrong Night
 WRONG SHOES D Edie & Roy Ogilvie Charlie`s Shoes
 WWW.MEMORY I Diane Jackson www Memory
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